Hi, my name is Levi Moore Højer, and I was born in 1995. I am currently living in Grenaa, Denmark where I study computer science with specialization in game development. I spent most of my free time programming games and tools for other developers. If you are interested in some of the work I have done you have found the right place. I have tried my best to sort things in different categories.

Zero Rare

I am running my own one-man company called Zero Rare. At the moment I am mainly focusing on developing Android games and Unity extensions. If you want to know more about Zero Rare you can check out

School Projects

At the moment I am studying computer science at Dania Games in Denmark. If everything goes to plan I will have a bachelor in computer science with a specialization in game development in 2020.


I have also done some none video game related freelance work.


Whenever I get the chance I like to teach others what I know about programming and game development. I do teach groups, but I prefer focusing on one person at a time. I think it is very important that the assignments require the students to actually create something so it doesn’t become all theory.