About me

Hi, my name is Levi Moore and I was born in 1995 in Denmark. My goal in life is to make video games for a living, to be more specific program video games. I can do some basic game art in photoshop, but I am not really the big artist. My skill set is in programming.

I have been playing games ever since I can remember. At the age of 12, I began to play around with programs like Game Maker and FPS Creator. It didn’t take long before what I wanted to do was not possible without some custom code. So I did whatever a 12-year-old kid would do. I convinced my older brother to teach me the very basic concept of programming, and I have loved programming ever since. My main programming languages are C#, Javascript, PHP, Typescript. I am constantly trying new things in order to expand my skill set.

In 2012 I became a publisher at the Unity Asset Store. I have had two packages reach the front page of the store, which generated a good amount of income. It didn’t make me rich, but it was enough that I did not need to take a job in order to get my driver’s license, and some glasses the day I found out that the letter “u” and “v” is not the same character.

In early 2016 I graduated from Mercantec as a Web integrator, I went on to start my own company Lemo Solutions and everything was going well, but I quickly realized that this was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I decided to shut down my company and follow my dream of becoming a full-time game developer.

At the moment I am studying computer science with a focus on game development at Dania in Denmark. I will graduate in 2020. With the knowledge, I will have gathered in the 2.5 years I will have been studying, I am going to find a job as a game programmer, or even start my own studio.

I am currently releasing the games I am making under the name Zero Rare. I am not planning on making any money on the games, it functions more like a portfolio of my skills.

If you want to contact me feel free to write to mail@levimoore.dk


I am the most awesome person ever, and you should totally hire me to program your next game.