Book Hub

I made my own book hosting website because I was tired of having my books scattered on different platforms, using different readers, and having problems syncing between devices.

My solution can run on any device that has a browser with HTML5 support. Everything is synchronized, so I can start reading on my pc, then jump to my tablet and continue from the same page. I can also find metadata and covers for my books automatically.

My website supports PDF and ePub files. Viewing PDF works great, but the ePub viewer is built on an open source library still under development so it can be a little unstable.

I have a demo you can try with some books from the public domain

  • You can login using any password
  • All editing and uploading have been disabled. If you try to change something, you will get an error message
  • Everyone shares the same account on the demo site so synchronization might behave weirdly if someone else is using the site at the same time
  • The website has very strict security. If you try to access files or call APIs you are not allowed to you’ll get banned automatically. If you do not try to break something on purpose everything should be fine