Discarded Projects

Discarded Projects

Here you can find some of my projects that never got beyond the idea and prototyping phase.

UML Diagram Generator

A friend of mine and I felt like all we were doing in our computer science classes was making UML class diagrams. So we decided to write some code that could be placed inside of any Visual Studio…..

Solar System

I was looking into the idea of using interactive media in schools to make young kids more interested in what was happening. I decided to make a simulation of planetary positions in our solar system…..

Pixel Draw

I spent a couple of months developing a Unity extension that made it possible to edit images directly inside of Unity. As long as the image size was less than 512×512 pixels, everything went smoothly…..

Heatmap Pathfinding

I was working on pathfinding for a game using the well known A* algorithm. A* is a suitable algorithm for most tasks, but because of the number of actors needing a path I had to find something else…..


Way back in 2013 I found a game called Revolvengarde by Andrew Gleeson. I was fascinated by how simple the controls were. You only needed two keys to navigate the menus and…..

Maze Generator

I was playing around with recursive functions and decided to make a simple maze generator and solver. The maze generating algorithm is simple. Step 1: Move to a random unused neighbor cell…..

Voxel Terrain

I decided that I would try to recreate Minecraft´s terrain generation in Unity. After some research, I ended up using multiple layers of Perlin noise to calculate the placement of blocks. The use of…..