Funny Bot

In Funny Bot 2-6 players compete to be the funniest person. Each round you are presented with a sentence missing a word. Each player then has to fill in something that makes the sentence funny. When everyone has answered, everyone gets to vote for the answer they thought was most amusing. You play a total of 3 rounds, and the player with the most votes throughout the entire game wins.

To help you through the game is Funny Bot, a robot trying to learn about human humor. Funny Bot talks using a text-to-speech.

To play Funny Bot, you have to run a server and at least two clients. You are not able to run more than one client from the same device, so you need two PCs to play.

I made Funny Bot for my Network project at school. We were required to use TCP and UDP for communication between server and client. Besides that, we also had to make a REST API that worked with the game. You won’t be able to download the REST only the game client and server.