Idiom Game Jam

Idiom Game Jam

I took part in Idiom Game Jam that was hosted by my friend Daniel. The theme of the jam was “Leave No Stone Unturned”. I made the game in a team consisting of me, Camilla Vallentin, Daniel Hansen (the guy who also hosted the jam).

We quickly came up with the idea that you would play as the only unturned stone in the stone kingdom. To win the game, you would have to defeat Igor the Handsome and his minions.

To save time we decided to draw all the graphics by hand, take a picture and cut them out in Photoshop. Doing all the artwork in hand turned out well and gave our game a unique art style.

I am reasonably happy with the final result, but the gameplay could use a lot more polish or maybe a total redesign. I like the graphics and are considering expanding on it and using it in another more serious game.

(Warning the collision detection in the game is very bad)