VR Bully

VR Bully

I took part in a Virtual Reality masterclass doing my first and second semester. As part of the course, we had to make a VR prototype for a new startup company. The purpose of the VR game was to help with anti-bullying.

Each person had to make a small part of the game themselves, it was then my responsibility to fix any errors and merge it all together. I was also responsible for helping the ones who were new to Unity and VR. Beside merging and helping others I also made the intro how to scene, the dialog and fade system.

My official role in the team was “lead programer” and I also took responsibility for a lot of project management as well.

The company we made the prototype for was nominated for a “VIA Innovation price 2018” award and is currently in the top 10.

Oliver Vejen
Oliver Riisager
Edgard Pacody
Levi Moore
Jonathan Jørgensen
Morten Hansen