VR Bully

I took part in a Virtual Reality masterclass doing my first and second semester. As part of the course, we had to make a VR prototype for a new startup company. The purpose of the VR game was to help with anti-bullying.

Each person had to make a small part of the game themselves, it was then my responsibility to fix any errors and merge it all together. I was also responsible for helping the ones who were new to Unity and VR. Beside merging and helping others I also made the intro how to scene, the dialog and fade system.

My official role in the team was “Lead Programer” and I also took responsibility for a lot of project management as well.

The company we made the project for was nominated for a “VIA Innovation price 2018” award and ended up third. The project was also selected and shown to Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark


Levi Moore
Oliver Vejen
Oliver Riisager
Edgard Pacody
Jonathan Jørgensen
Morten Hansen